Lychee is a metaphor for the community of Kalihi.  In the past, Kalihi and Farrington have received a bad reputation because of the gang activity associated with the area.  The school as a whole was labeled and stereotyped to this day.  However, Farrington and Kalihi is home to some of the nicest and friendliest people around.  We all work hard to break the stereotype that surrounds us.  Like the lychee, we may have a hard shell or a spiky covered hide, but if you take a look inside, we’re not as bad as you may think.



You know, there’s a fruit that grows on tree

Deep in the heart of a place called Kalihi

It’s got a hard shell, and a spiky covered hide

And at first you may not think, that there’s anything inside

But take a closer look my friend, and see what lies within

The inside’s really wonderful, the outside, it’s just a skin

It’s called lychee, lychee.  Homeboy vegetation, lychee

Kalihi is a melting pot of all varieties

We got Samoans, Filipinos, Okinawans, and Chinese

Koreans, Hapa-Haoles, Hawaiians, and Portugeese, cause we’re all lychee, lychee

So if you’re intimidated by my face, or by my name

don’t forget to look inside me, cause inside, we’re just the same, Lychee

There’s no need for segregation, cause we’re all lychee, lychee