T-Shirt Theatre graduated seven seniors from its program last year. Each gave glowing reflections about their TST careers and left some kind words for the underclassmen before taking their final bow. Directors George Kon and Primo Asis were able to attend a few of their graduation parties and were inspired by the “Village” of people that attended. Exhilarated by this community coming together to celebrate a young person’s life accomplishment of graduating, led the company to examine how it takes a village to raise just one kid. As the directors brainstormed ideas on different dynamics in a mentor, and how teachers and parents impact their kids, we were able to pose questions which essentially asked, “What do you need?” Instantly, our T-Shirt Theatre cast blossomed with stories about particular lessons that a teacher taught that stuck with them as well as scenes about the various Farrington academies and clubs that provided community for students. In-depth reflections of understanding and appreciation emerged about how elders contribute to and anchor villages.