ADE is a non-profit organization managed by the original founders and directed by a working board of teachers, administrators, parents, business leaders and alumni. We are a not-for-profit C-3 [501c3] organization with over 2,000 past and present contributing members.

Our flagship program T-Shirt Theatre:

T-Shirt Theater, a Kalihi based performance group with students from Farrington High School and Kalakaua and Dole Middle Schools.

T-Shirt Theatre is a Community of Practice where young people come together around the practice of dramatic arts. Participants make a commitment to themselves and other company members to engage because they find value in learning, practicing the art, and in the culture of the community. Over the course of being a part of the community, participants experience an arc of development that results in their becoming contributing adult citizens.

Our School Residencies:

T-Shirt Theater is a Kalihi-based performance group with students from Farrington High School and Kalakaua and Dole Middle Schools.

Our professional artist-educators partner with K-12 schools throughout Hawai’i to stimulate, develop and refine youngsters’ cognitive and creative skills by using drama education to achieve DOE standards. Through the use of discussions, demonstrations, and theatre exercises, ADE teaches drama appreciation, respect for self and others, focus, teamwork, and life skills.

Our Community Engagement Practice:

T-Shirt Theater travels to communities across Hawaii partnering with organizations in performance/discussions that unpack common themes to stimulate multi-generational dialog.

Our Values:

  • We reveal what we feel, believe and think through self-expression, with compassion shaping our words and actions.
  • We use effective communication as a tool to articulate our organizational mission. We teach communication skills that help young learners develop poise, creative thinking and self-confidence.
  • We use teamwork to harmonize our differences and act as one.
  • We show kindness and respect in all our relationships, moving beyond ourselves to look through the eyes of fellow human beings.
  • Our resiliency mandates that should we fall down seven times, we will get up eight.
  • We focus our energy and imagination into one point of concentration, directing all of our efforts to the achievement of our goals.