In 2014, the Alliance for Drama Education established the first T-Shirt Theatre annual scholarship that would grant a T-Shirt Theatre student or alumni with a $1000 to pursue higher education.

Eleonor Simonette Ines

2017 Recipient

This scholarship will impact my future by allowing me to experience what University of
Hawaii at Manoa has to offer. I plan to complete a double major (English and Education) to pursue my career as an English professor at a community college or a university. I’m one step closer to my goal!

This opportunity is a great relief not only for me, also for my parents considering we are low-income. I’m truly happy that I’ll be the first-generation college student in my family with the generous support given by Walt Dulaney and George Kon. College will be a fun adventure to experience. Thank you for giving me hope and giving me the opportunity to become a better individual. I will be able to expand my knowledge and learn different skills that I will need as a teacher. As a future teacher, I hope I’ll be able to support and inspire others just as you have helped me. – Eleonor Simonette Ines

Adriana Jones

2015 Recipient

Jake Martin

2014 Recipient