Kipuka Phrase

What is KIPUKA?
A “kipuka” is an oasis in a lava field.  Even when the lava of negativity is raging and all seems futile, there are people and groups that got your back, that is are sanctuaries from the heat.

What is the KIPUKA: Teen Crisis Project?
T-Shirt Theatre (TST) is proud to present “Kipuka: Teen Crisis Project,” a theatrical performance and video project. This fall 2017, we’re tackling bullying, cyber-bullying, and teen suicide with the world premiere of the “Kipuka” performance. 

Kipuka header

The Gift Foundation of Hawaii is funding this year-long initiative, challenging us to take our message via social media and video outside of our Kalihi home. Throughout the remainder of 2017, filmmakers are capturing the TST performers as they envision stories that get to the heart of the problem of bullying, cyber-bullying, and teen suicide. These video vignettes will be translated into an episodic series for YouTube that we hope will be shared across the state among Hawaii’s youth.

What can you do?

Come and experience a show! Share the show with friends and families with teens or youth groups in your own community.

Upcoming performances:
Tuesday, November 7, 9:45 am, All interested Elementary Schools
Tuesday, November 7, 1:00 pm, Kalakaua Middle School
Wednesday, November 15, 9:18 & 10:40 am, Farrington HS Classes
Thursday, November 16, 7:30 pm, PUBLIC PERFORMANCE
Sunday, November 19, 4:30 pm, PUBLIC PERFORMANCE



Visit the No Bully website to learn how your school can take steps to tackle bullying and become a KIPUKA.