T-Shirt Theatre is a program done under the non-for-profit organization, Alliance for Drama Education (ADE).


Since 1985, the Alliance for Drama Education has helped more than10,000 kids in schools across Oahu to build performing skills needed to face trials that lead to success on the stage and in the class. Contact George Kon for more information about ADE’s “Getting Dramatic” school residencies! (808) 220-5003 [lotech.hizest@gmail.com]

Linapuni Elementary School

“Linapuni elementary partnered ADE for a residency with their 1st graders, courtesy a grant from Target.  Teaching Artists Jonah Moananu, and Nate Corpuz took our “Getting Dramatic culmination/Audience readiness” program and collaborated with the 1st grade teachers on the theme, “Bucket Fillers”.  TA’s included the schools mission statement and students original writings on how to be a “Bucket Filler” as material for the residency.  Complete with an original finale, students culminated what they learned in a performance for their community and peers on our last day, and again at their 1st grade graduation Aloha Assembly.



Below students share their bucket filler message to make the world a better place.