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T-Shirt Theatre (TST) launched a different kind of show last November.  It started serendipitously, as sometimes happens with treasured adventures.  Dr. Patricia Liehr, Professor of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University, gave a speech at Farrington High School which led to a chance conversation with Lt. Colonel David Carlson about TST and “With Their Voices Raised.”  It was comprised of Interviews with survivors of both Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor, that were collected not as a research paper but as a dramatic presentation.  Since Farrington served as a clinic during the war, Patricia wondered if there was a drama group on campus that could handle such serious material and premiere the show in Hawaii.  She learned about T-Shirt Theatre.

Composed solely of selected verbatim monologues from both sides of the Pacific War, this important piece of island & US history deserved a showcase.  Normally, T-Shirt Theatre only performs original student-written shows, but we had a core of talented alumni that were available to stage the piece.  Our cast included TST alumni:  Jarren Amian, Jayden Dela Cruz, Maricar Dela Cruz, Elvis Grande, Jay Laeno, and Janelle Yere, and current FHS students Jacynth Agraan and Lealoha Tumbaga..  This project was extremely challenging for the actors to memorize, but it has forever changed how they look at that war.

The Hawaii premiere was held on Sunday, November 9, 2014 (Veteran’s Day) at 2pm and was very appropriately at the Pacific Aviation Museum at Ford Island.



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