An Invitation To Our Extended Community

The Kīpuka Project is fueled from stories shared by our T-Shirt Theatre students and from our Network of Community Groups. We would like to continue this process by Expanding into more communities with a Kīpuka Gathering Tour. We are looking for Schools and Community Groups who are interested in hosting a program including a performance, audience talk session, workshop, and possibly a follow up public show or sharing.

The Kīpuka Gathering Tour will done in Four parts:

1 – Performance – A school performance by Alumni T-Shirt Theatre members, performing selected scenes from our Kīpuka shows. Due to the sensitivity of Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and Teen Suicide, audiences will need to be “prepared” for the Subject Matter. A performance space will be needed that can accommodate our needs.

2 – Gathering – A talk session after the performance in smaller groups led by the performers. The session is designed to get students [and adults] to relate to the stories shared during the performance. This is also the time we look for the stories unique to the Community. With permission, the leaders will record the stories as potential performance or story material.

3 – Workshop – Participants in the workshop will use different techniques used by TST to build and create scenes from the stories shared during the Gathering. These stories will come from the community and hopefully connect to more community members. The hope is that the participants from the Gathering will also be a part of the Workshop and Public Performance / Sharing.

4 – Public Show / Sharing – A final performance for the Community will include parts of the school performance and, hopefully, some of the stories created at the Workshop. Audience members will be asked for reactions to the show and anything they would like to share about the subject.

Ideally, the Program would take place over a 2 day period, Friday and Saturday, but can be adjusted depending on scheduling. Although we are focused on Schools, any Community Organizations, Parent-Teacher Groups, or Educational Programs who believes this program will be a benefit to their community, are encouraged to apply.