T-Shirt Theatre’s Fall 2022 Show

“Virtual IRL”

Explore the realities of being in both online and “in real life”.

The internet has become part of our day to day lives. From shopping, streaming, to social media, the average citizen spends up to seven hours online each day. Young people are being diagnosed with internet addictions and are undergoing extreme measures to remedy their use. During the pandemic, the majority of young people’s lives were spent online. The stories our cast have captured and reimagined are relevant and lively. I know there will be a scene in our fall show that you can relate to.

We asked the cast: What do you hope your peers get from this show?

“I hope they realize social media isn’t as great as people imagined. Stay safe online and don’t do anything bad. We have a scene that shows you don’t always need social media. You can enjoy what’s in front of you.” – Mark

“If you watch this show you can recognize some positives on the internet. I hope they can relate to some of our scenes and get a good laugh.” – Mary

“To have a healthy relationship with technology. To not let technology, dictate your life, or how you do life. Realize the small moments and the beauty around you.” – Neil

V.IRL was shown to the Farrington High School student body on Thursday, October 27th and to the general public on Saturday, October 29th at 3pm.