We have been a part of Arts Education in Hawai‘i for over 30 years, collaborating with Teachers and Teaching Artists to help students develop their performance and communication skills needed to become contributing adult citizens.

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T-shirt Theatre’s
Performer fitness and Audience readiness culmination

A pair of professional ADE Teaching Artists (TA)*bios conduct a 3-10 day Drama residency with your students on a relevant theme that culminates with each class participating in a presentation of learning performance for parents and peers. We have experience working with all grade levels and have an archive of scripts and songs on various themes to choose from. TA’s and teachers collaborate and meet to build the best materials for our residency. (please see Residency Planning Form and Teacher Responsibilities for residency)

We have a kinesthetic approach to teaching that engage simultaneous modalities for an impactful learning experience. TA’s are trained in creating a safe space for students to take a risk and challenge their mental focus. The T-Shirt Theatre motto is “Low tech, high zest” which means we don’t use costumes, props, or fancy sets in our culminating performances. Instead, we employ simple direction to an open stage, to make room for every single student to express themselves equally in the culmination. The healthy mix of fun and fright that our drama residency brings into the classroom provides a unique experience for each student to display their verbal and nonverbal communications skills, show empathy and support for their classmates, and receive validation for their efforts in the culminating performance.

Students walk away with an effective communication rubric, TST’s 4 Performer P’s – Project, Pronounce, Poise, and Personality. That students develop by exercising their TST’s 3 Actor Tools – Voice, Body, Imagination, which are the foundation for every performer. These tools can be applied practically in future employment from a fast food counter, to a corporate board room. A solid command of communication grounds a more confident and self-possessed student.

At this moment in public education when teachers are mandated to teach to the test and many arts programs have been cut, TST’s culmination are a breath of fresh air as parents are able to applaud their childs live performance of compelling academic content and vital social skill. Additionally our GD culmination residency helps to connect the dots between students, teachers, parents, and community in a program that enables students to “rehearse for life”.

Would you welcome the possibility?